Yes, we recommend bringing a blanket or old article of clothing that has your scent on it. This will help your pet acclimate to the kennel environment. We don’t recommend bringing big beds.

Yes, but from our experience your pet will not play with their toys in the kennel environment. There are too many other distractions. We recommend keeping toys at home.

Yes, we highly recommend bringing your pets own food. It is important that they stay on the same diet. We feed in the morning and evening. If you have special food request please let us know at check in.

We also have a fridge to keep wet dog food.

Yes. Our employees are skilled in giving your pet their needed medications at any point throughout the day. We can do everything from simple antibiotics or insulin injections. We do charge $1 per dose and $5 for injections. Please let us know the specific medication instructions at check-in.

Yes, they will stay in the same kennel, unless you request otherwise. We can always feed them separate if needed. If you want your dogs in separate kennels please request this on your reservation.

We let the dogs out early in the morning and they get let out anywhere from 5-7 more times throughout the day, depending on weather. Our main priority is to make sure your pet is getting plenty of exercise. They may come home and sleep for a week!

Yes, we run a socialized boarding kennel. This means, we let dogs out together in our big exercise yards. They will intermingle with dogs of their own size and energy level.

Yes, we have heating and cooling throughout the warm and cold months. Outdoor exercise can be in shorter time periods, we will still let them out multiple times throughout the day.

Yes, please make an appointment through out website or give us a call (509) 582-4461. All visits to the kennel must be by appointment only. We schedule visits on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Please go to our reservations page to make a reservation for the dates and times for your pet’s stay. We recommend making your reservation as far in advance as you can. During the summers and holidays we tend to book up fast.

As a reminder Huck Finn Kennels does everything by appointment ONLY. You must make an appointment or reservation prior to arriving at our facility.